Financial Planning doesn't have to be that complicated.

It is easy with Planard.

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From Spreadsheets to one unified platform

Financial Planning is a time consuming and complex process inherently. Traditional tools in the market and spreadsheets makes it even more complicated, slow and error-prone.


These tools are very expensive, hard to implement and have no flexibility.

Collaborate and gain insights – anywhere, anytime

Planard is a cloud-based financial planning and decision making platform for every size of enterprise and startups.

It connects people, plans and data across your organization to provide a more colloborative and fast planning cycle experience in the office and on the go.

Plan, analyze, present and monitor your financials

Planard provides you a very user friendly planning tool with full of useful reports to let you analyze your data. With Planard's automated presenter function, you will show your financials to the management or investors in minutes.

After submitting your plan, it is very easy to monitor and track your Actual and Plan comparisons with Planard's flexible Enterprise Performance dashboard.


Solution for every size of business

Whether you only have an idea, a startup or a big enterprise. Planard have plans for you!

Business Idea

Do you have a business idea?

Now it's very easy to decide whether your business idea is doable or not.

Just answer some simple questions asked by Planard. It will show you right away!

With Planrad it is easy to:

  • Calculate your "Return on Investment (ROI)" and see that your future business is profitable or not.

  • See your "Breakeven Point" to see the exact date you will turn to a profitable situation.

  • Prepare your financial tables easily.

  • Plan your short-mid-long term budget.

  • Prepare financial presentation for your investors with just one click.

Small-Mid Size

Do you own or work for a SM sized company?

You are probably lost in Excel sheets with tons of formulas and don't want to waste you limited resources for incredibly expensive famous ERP softwares.

 You are at the right place!

With Planard, you will get access to an affordable platform which has all necesary features of famous ERP's plus innovative and unbelivably easy-to-use interface with a life time free update option.

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Large Enterprise

Large Enterprises usually uses big EPR systems and Excel sheets to collect, analyze and submit Financial Plans.

Planard gives you a unified cloud platform that all business units can enter or upload their data easliy in the office or on the go.

Planard can be integrated with most of the ERP's to pull historical or daily data.

Planard gives you features like:

  • Planning instructions

  • Planning calender with dependencies and notifications

  • Approval flow

  • Version control

  • Tons of analysis tools and reports

  • ROI tool

  • Resource Allocator

  • Auto Financial Tables

  • Auto Presenter

  • and many more...


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Business Idea & Startup


  • Easy (self) setup

  • Financial planning

  • Version control

  • Auto financial tables

  • ROI tool

  • Basic reports

  • Auto presenter

  • Online trainings

  • Free lifetime updates!

per month

Small & Mid Company


Addition to Business Idea:

  • Data collection from BU's

  • Headcount module

  • Advanced admin panel

  • Actual vs. Budget analysis

  • Tons of detailed reports

  • 7/24 support

per month

Large Enterprise


Addition to Small & Mid size:

  • ERP integration

  • Planning calender

  • Resource allocation tool

  • Narratives

  • Booklet

  • Automatic notifications

  • Dedicated support


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Planard is originally made in Turkey by Turkish developers.


Please reach us 7/24 for your queries via phone or e-mail.


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